As part of our continual commitment to offer you the best eye care we can take a digital retinal pictures of the back of your eyes. The pictures are taken by fundus camera and provide us with detailed images of your retina. This images not only help us to closely monitor for sight-related problems but also can detect underlying health conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, risk of stroke and symptoms associated with brain tumours.


We are the first independent practice in the Lewisham area to have invested in OCT technology.

OCT technology is the next generation in imaging the internal structures of the eye. The unique way in which the image is formed means that for the first time it is possible to see below the surface of the retina and view the microscopic layers beneath. This is of profound importance in determining the precise diagnosis of visual problems and in helping us guide patients to the correct treatment options as quickly as possible. 

Everyone would benefit from OCT scans, we can now see to a much higher resolution including changes to the retinal thickness (down to the nearest micron), which can be the earliest sign of eye problems.

The scanning procedure is painless and is similar to having a photograph taken, but with the camera positioned close to the eye. Nothing touches the eye and there is no discomfort during the scan.

Optical Coherence Topography (OCT) is important for the following reasons:

1. Macula scan - to show for example early stages of Macular Degeneration, macula holes, pre-retinal membranes, or fluid on the macula

2. Optic nerve scan - to analyse the thickness of the optic nerve fibres for Glaucoma.

            3.Retinal scan - to determine any Diabetic retinopathy, and or any retinal abnormalities such as detachment .

The RTVue OCT takes a detailed retinal photographs in minutes, the results are clear and concise.

These scans can then be put together to produce a 3D image of the back of the eye. This is a very powerful tool to show small details and changes that could cause future problems.